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Shed some light on the importance of wellness. The impact of light is both literal and figurative as it changes the way you perceive the world. The use of different colors can affect your mood in various ways. Blue has a calming effect, red can invigorate, green promotes harmony, and violet can offer unique benefits. By utilizing our ChromaTherapy systems, you can create a soothing environment in your steam shower with customized lighting to match your personal mood and preferences. We encourage you to try it out and experience the benefits of a for yourself.

The concept is simple: adjust the lighting and transform your mood. Imagine stepping into your shower and feeling the steam enveloping your senses. With our advanced LED mood lighting system, you can easily adjust the lighting to match your desired mood. Our elegant vapor-sealed LED lighting system is compatible with our AirTempo and iTempo Plus controls, providing you with six different color options, ranging from soothing blue to sensual red. You can find your center, relax, and indulge in a revitalizing shower experience.

It is important to note that this LED lighting system is for mood lighting purposes only. By incorporating this system into your daily routine, you can elevate your shower experience and promote a sense of wellness and relaxation.


  • Elevate your shower experience with SteamSpa's Colored LED Chromatherapy lighting system designed specifically for steam shower systems.
  • Rest easy knowing your investment is protected by SteamSpa's limited lifetime warranty, which includes a 2-year limited warranty covering parts and labor.
  • Choose from 7 vibrant colors that offer unique benefits for your mind and body, allowing you to customize your shower experience.
  • Effortlessly control the lighting system using the fully accessible control panel, enabling you to quickly and easily adjust the lighting to match your mood and preferences.
  • Enjoy greater flexibility when it comes to placement, as the lighting system can be installed both inside and outside of the steam shower enclosure.
  • The system includes a 30-foot cable, providing you with the freedom to install the lighting system wherever it is needed most.


The ChromaSteam® System is a mood lighting solution that adds ambiance and relaxation to your steam shower experience. However, it is important to note that it should not be used as a substitute for general illumination. With a rating of 14.4 watts at 120 VAC, the ChromaSteam system is energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Depending on the installation, users can select from a variety of color modes using either a standard wall switch or the CHROMA button on their eTempo Plus control. These modes include:

  • Bright White: Provides a bright and vibrant white light
  • Blue/Green: Combines blue and green for a calming and rejuvenating atmosphere
  • Violet: Delivers soothing purple light for relaxation and stress relief
  • Blue: Provides a cool and calming blue light for a tranquil environment
  • Yellow: Offers warm yellow light for improved mood and energy levels
  • Green: Delivers restorative green light for stress reduction and relaxation
  • Red: Provides warm and comforting red light for muscle soreness and inflammation
  • Chameleon (slow automatic cycle): Cycles through colors slowly for a dynamic atmosphere
  • Party Mode (fast automatic cycle): Cycles through colors quickly for an energetic and exciting environment perfect for socializing.

With its diverse range of color modes, the ChromaSteam® System is a versatile and customizable mood lighting solution that can be tailored to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Note: The ChromaSteam system is designed for mood lighting only and is not a substitute for general illumination. It is rated at 14.4 watts at 120 VAC, and color modes can be selected using either a standard wall switch or the CHROMA button on the eTempo Plus control, depending on the installation.


The MS Chroma is a comprehensive lighting solution that comes equipped with all the necessary components to facilitate easy installation and operation. Here's what you can expect to receive with your purchase:

  • (1) Installation and Operation Manual: This manual provides detailed instructions on how to install and operate the MS Chroma lighting system, making the process straightforward and hassle-free.
  • (1) Light Fixture, Lens & LED Cluster: The MS Chroma lighting system includes a high-quality light fixture, lens, and LED cluster that delivers bright and vibrant light to your shower space.
  • (1) Tube of Silicone: To ensure a watertight seal, the MS Chroma lighting system comes with a tube of silicone that can be used during installation.
  • (1) 25 ft. cable for use with eTempo/Plus: The MS Chroma lighting system is designed to work seamlessly with eTempo/Plus, and as such, includes a 25 ft. cable that enables easy integration with these controls.

With the MS Chroma lighting system, you can enhance your shower experience by introducing vibrant and mood-enhancing lighting to your space. With its comprehensive set of components, you can rest assured that installation and operation will be a breeze.

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